Vice President of Apple Tackles Google’s Chromebook

This is a little controversy that Apple would certainly have liked to avoid. In a long interview with CNETPhil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing, spoke on many topics such as Mac’s place in the market. If the return of the scissors keyboard was the main topic of this interview, Schiller was especially noted for its particularly harsh words against Google’s Chromebook. For him, “Successful students are those who are most engaged”. The problem is that, still according to him, a Chromebook is a computer “Cheap” who does not “Can not succeed”.

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Phil Schiller returns on Twitter

Of course, such comments provoked the indignation of some, seeing here a proof of the elitist vision of Apple. Phil Schiller explained, however, that he relied on studies of the link between technology and school, showing a correlation between an “inspiring” product and good results. He explained that where the iPad made you want to go further, the Chromebook was only used to pass his final exams. Which was not enough according to him.

A few hours after the CNET article was published, Schiller made a little backtrack on Twitter: “During the conversation with CNET, we discussed the possibility of giving children and teachers the content, the curriculum and the tools they need to learn, explore and grow. Not just to test. “.

Since the beginning of the iPad in 2010, Apple plays particularly the map of education. The company offers discounts to institutions interested in its tablet and plays the card of Pencil and augmented reality to offer new experiences. Google’s offensive with its Chromebooks, very affordable computers, has slowed the growth of Apple. US public schools often have limited budgets, which are incompatible with Apple brand prices.

No fusion between the Mac and the iPad

In his interview, Phil Schiller not only took to the Chromebook. Apple’s vice president criticizes Windows PCs for being all alike and emphasized the importance of developing hardware and software oneself (certainly forgetting the existence of Surface). He also explained that the iPad and Mac will not merge and that Apple computers will not switch to touch screens because users want “The best keyboard / trackpad experience possible”.

Finally, asked about maintaining the Touch Bar in this new generation of MacBook Pro despite many backslides (escape key, navigation arrows, chisel keyboard …), Phil Schiller explained that nothing had been put aside . Apple has nevertheless found the touchbar important enough to maintain it and welcomes its adoption by more and more developers. In other words, it will not disappear anytime soon.

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