This is how Google Maps will make traveling easier

Google maps is currently testing brand new features in the United States. They aim to simplify trips and trips, in particular by allowing you to pay for your parking from the application.

Google Maps is a bit like good wine, it gets better over time. Each year, the Googlers deploy new functions on their navigation tool to make it more practical.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

They have just put the cover back in the United States.

Google Maps wants to facilitate our movements … and our parking lots

This is not a revelation, but the current pandemic has radically changed our relationship with the world, and with others. No more small restaurants for lovers or friends, the last drinks at the local pubs or even traveling around the world. Our movements are now limited and we must keep our distance from our loved ones to protect them.

The Covid-19 has therefore had a direct impact on our way of life. The virus has thus had the effect of pushing us to turn… to our smartphone, whether to keep in touch with our loved ones or even to provide us with sustenance. Unlike restaurants, drives and home delivery services are not experiencing the crisis.

But what does it have to do with Google Maps, you will tell me? It is simple in reality. Based on this observation, the Googlers have integrated two new features into the service, features that take advantage of Google Pay.

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Functions limited to certain American cities

The first of them is both simple and formidable. It consists in allowing us to pay our parking ticket directly from the application and therefore without needing a parking meter. Once parked, we just have to press the “pay for parking” button and enter the time we need. Once the payment has been validated, our vehicle will be automatically registered and we will therefore have no fine to pay in the event of a control.

Better yet, if you need more time, it will not be necessary to return to your car, and just go back to Google Maps to choose the desired additional time.

The other function will be of more interest to people who, for one reason or another, have to take public transport. Rather than going to a terminal to buy a ticket, it will indeed be possible to do so directly from Google Maps. In the event of an inspection, it will suffice to present your phone as a ticket.

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As noted above, these two functions are unfortunately limited to certain cities. The former is only available in Boston, Cincinnati, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC while the latter is only valid for the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, for the moment, it is necessary to have an Android smartphone to use it, these functions are not yet available on iOS.

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