There was a hidden area in Mexico on Google Maps

Google has totally revolutionized our way of seeing the world with its mapping tool. Thanks to Google Maps and Google Earth, it is now possible to browse the world from your computer or phone, and it has never been easier to navigate. The maps of Google Maps are indeed of impressive precision.

But the mapping tool is not exempt from bug, and it is not uncommon to fall on dark areas (hidden) on Maps without always knowing why.

Google Maps Hidden Zone

Google Maps Capture

A new masked area just to appear on Google Maps in Mexico. This did not fail to stir the curiosity of users. Why did Google hide this area?

Military base on the verge of being transformed into an airport

The map area on Google Maps is the Santa Lucia Air Force Base, a military airport located in Zumpango, Mexico, Mexico. But the current Mexican government plans to build on the base site the new Mexico City International Airport. The Santa Lucia Air Base covers nearly 3,000 hectares, while Mexico City’s current airport covers only 600 hectares. We are talking about five times the size of the current airport. However, if you’ve been looking at Google Maps looking for this Mexican base week, then you’ve seen nothing but a big black stain.

The general Luis Cresencio Sandoval, the current Secretary of National Defense of Mexico said the government had not instructed Google to hide the air base of Santa Lucia. “There is no particular instruction; for proof, there are many military installations (from Mexico) that appear (on Maps), if you check any other installation, you will see that it appears. “, did he declare. But then, why did Google hide this military base from becoming an airport?

A bug in the images provided to Google

In a statement, Google has announced that it has received “Aerial images of several parts of Mexico that did not display correctly on Google Earth and Google Maps”. The firm explains that “Our base map is built from hundreds of authorized sources, including public and commercial map data, images of all levels (satellite, air and street) as well as user contributions”.

Google has indicated that they are constantly working to keep their maps up to date; but they have received new aerial images of several parts of Mexico that have not been deployed correctly.

It seems however that the firm has received a new card since the area became visible again this weekend.

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