Thanks to Google Maps, a bicycle bookseller was able to continue delivering to customers during containment

Containment due to the Covid-19 pandemic will have had effects on all sectors of activity, worldwide. However, it has also been the source of new ideas that have emerged due to pressure from businesses and consumers. In the city of Turin, bookseller Mattia Garavaglia is among those who have had to innovate to avoid going out of business at a very difficult time for small and medium-sized businesses.

Garavaglia is a native of Turin who is now 30 years old. Since he was a child he has always been drawn to books, and after obtaining a Masters in History he finally decided to become a bookseller and bought a bookstore in the city. At the head of his shop called “Libreria del Golem”, Garavaglia is working hard to grow his business, but it is without counting on the Covid-19 which will force everyone to stay at home.

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So as not to lose contact with his clients, the young man finds an idea that will change the way he works in the months to come. He decides to deliver the books ordered by his customers by bike himself, making sure to respect all the health regulations in force.

Google Maps to the rescue

With in general nearly 50 deliveries to be made per day, the business of Garavaglia resumes, and its sales tripled from the first days. But working on paper maps manually wastes precious time, and that’s where he decided to turn to Google Maps.

According to the bookseller, he realized that Google Maps could really make it easier for him. All you have to do is save the addresses in the application and it takes care of finding the shortest bike route each time. This saves him more time, and he even decided to make it his main tool to manage his deliveries.

Arguably, Garavaglia’s affair has taken a whole new turn with the use of his bike and Google Maps. He can now afford to give his customers a small gift every time. His girlfriend Gida is indeed a chef in a restaurant in the city and they decided to offer a tiramisu for each order.

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Open up to partnerships

Over time, Garavaglia’s delivery service has become very well known among the city’s communities. The bookseller therefore decided to work in partnership with another store in Turin in order to expand its clientele. Thus, he now works with Denise Cappadonia who is the owner of the LGBTQ + bookstore “NORA Book & Coffee”.

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It is clear that the containment due to Covid-19 has changed a lot of things in the way we live. We use more technology to carry out our daily tasks, and the story of this Turin bookseller is one example.

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