Some tips to protect your Google account from hacking

Ph. Belga

The recent announcement of the acquisition and sharing by hackers of more than three billion Gmail and Hotmail passwords is a reminder of how important it is to protect your online accounts, beyond the classic password. Here are some tips for securing your Google account once and for all and not letting anyone take control of your personal data.

If there is one particularly sensitive account for a majority of Internet users, it is the one relating to its activities on Google. In addition to access to its emails, it gives access to a multitude of services popular with the majority of Internet users: online storage (Drive, Photos), collaborative work (Docs, Sheets), video conferencing (Meet), cartography (Maps), etc. It is also at the heart of the proper functioning of its Android smartphone. It is therefore essential to secure this account as much as possible.

First step: choose a good password

Any good, self-respecting password should be complex. It must consist of a series of numbers, letters and special characters. to remember it it is possible to use a mnemonic means, such as remembering the first letters of each word of a sentence or a song title for example. It will also be necessary to remember to repeat the operation every two or three months.

Second step: double authentication

Despite your best efforts, it is still possible that your password will one day be stolen. This is why it is essential to opt for double authentication. This means that accessing your account requires validation, by SMS or via a dedicated application. Two-step verification effectively prevents a hacker from accessing your account, even if they have your password. In the absence of the classic code to be received by SMS, you can also opt for the application of the codes generated by Google Authenticator, available free of charge under Google play (Android) and theApp Store (iOS).

Third step: recovery tools

You are also strongly advised to provide a recovery phone number and e-mail address in order to be notified in the event of suspicious activity on your account but also and above all in order to be able to recover its use if you lose one. day access.

Last step: the complete check-up

Finally, the security check-up, also to be discovered in the “Security” section of your Google account, consists of checking that your account checks all the boxes and that it is definitely secure. You can find and manage the list of devices connected to the account, the latest unusual events related to account security, applications with access to your data, etc.

Go to your Google account to configure all your security options:

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