Pope Francis asks Google and Facebook to do something to fight pornography

Pope Francis does not carry pornography in his heart. He finds that these contents are far too accessible and he atPpelle so GAFAM, specifically Google and Facebook, to take their responsibilities and do something to limit their access.

Pornography has always existed, but it has become much more accessible with the emergence of the Internet and all the specialized “tubes”, YouPorn and Pornhub in mind.

Pope Francis goes on a crusade against online pornography

In the 90s, to get your hands on this type of content, you had to either go to the kiosk or go to a sex shop. This was of course impossible for children and adolescents.

Pornography too much on the web

Now, a simple query on a search engine is enough to access millions of videos. Videos sometimes depicting scenes extremely hardcores … and therefore unsuitable for a young or fragile audience.

Pope Francis takes this threat very seriously and therefore asks the web giants to take responsibility and do what is necessary to protect children and adolescents.

In the first place, the Pope asks that preventive measures be taken so that this public can no longer easily access these contents. According to him, it is imperative that the specialized companies all work in the same direction. This applies naturally to search engines, but also to social platforms.

Social platforms can no longer hide behind their users

According to him, the fact that these famous platforms are hidden behind their users is no longer a valid argument. Facebook, Twitter and all the others have indeed in their eyes their own share of responsibility and these companies “Can not consider themselves totally irresponsible with respect to the services they provide to their clients”.

Therefore, the Pope decided to launch an appeal at a conference held at the Vatican, which was attended by most major companies of new technologies, companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft or Facebook. Several groups specializing in child protection were also present.

Pope Francis did not fail to recall that the Church itself was facing a major crisis, a crisis amidst sexual aggression and abuse. A crisis that forced him to “Address these issues with a long-term vision”.

Is it really possible to make pornography less visible?

If the appeal is justified, one can reasonably ask whether it is technically possible to limit access to that content.

Even assuming that Pornhub, YouPorn, RedTubes, xHamster and all others are no longer indexed by Google, Facebook or even Twitter, nothing will prevent people from accessing these sites. It will be enough for them to know their address.

For its part, the United Kingdom has tried to legislate to protect children, but the bill has finally failed because of the many privacy issues raised by privacy advocates. The British government wanted everyone to have a copy of their ID before they could access these sites.

Australia is also working on a similar project, this time based on facial recognition. And of course, the project is not only happy. He even has many critics, once again on the side of the defense of privacy.

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