How Criteo Retail Media and iProspect enable Rowenta to improve knowledge of …

The new partnership between Criteo Retail Media and the iProspect agency enabled the Rowenta brand to obtain for the first time a complete vision of the performance of its SEA campaigns and to generate in addition to incremental turnover by adopting the solutions Criteo Sales Attribution and Criteo Sponsored Products.

Criteo Sales Attribution:
Better understand the performance of Rowenta’s Search campaigns

Thanks to its partnership with a network of numerous French distributors allowing it to anonymously analyze their first-party data, and thanks to the know-how of its Data Analyst teams, Criteo was able to activate its Sales Attribution solution. This made it possible to measure the impact of Rowenta’s Google Search campaign (people who clicked) on sales beyond the brand’s e-commerce site alone, and thus to offer a new interpretation of the performances that were lacking. in the countryside.

Criteo Sponsored Products:
Native ads present throughout the consumer’s buying journey

Criteo also enabled Rowenta to generate significant incremental revenue by exposing consumers targeted by the Google Search campaign to an additional Criteo Sponsored Products campaign. This last campaign aimed to increase the visibility of Rowenta products in the form of “sponsored products” on the websites of Criteo’s partner retailers.

Example of a Criteo Sponsored Products promotion for Rowenta on

Criteo Sponsored Products highlights are powered by AI and personalized based on the real-time behaviors of ultra-intentional consumers. Rowenta products have been sponsored in the form of native advertisements which integrate perfectly with the ergonomics and charter of the various merchant sites in order to blend into the consumer’s purchasing journey.

Rowenta was thus able to reach consumers in a very relevant way, at different stages of their purchasing journey, particularly within the “product pages” and “placing in the basket” without having to leave the distributor’s site. Such a campaign greatly increased Rowenta’s visibility and sales in addition to the Google Search campaign.

“As retail has become protean, today we are witnessing a real need for brands to operate their media strategies with more synergies and in particular through the prism of “Total Commerce”. The partnership with Criteo responds perfectly to this need because on the one hand, it promotes the use of traditional Direct-to-Consumer digital levers by adding avisibility on eRetail sales; and on the other hand, she measures the impact of a combination of the eRetail media lever with other traditional Direct-to-Consumer digital marketing levers. This type of solution could give rise in the near future to media performance optimizations based on notions of incrementality in “Total Commerce”, Arick Abbou, eCommerce & eRetail Consulting Director France, iProspect, Dentsu Group.

The challenge has been successfully met: the results have been extremely positive.

With Criteo Sales Attribution, Groupe Seb was able to add 78% more sales for the Rowenta brand to the Google Search campaign, thanks to sales attribution through its network of partner distributors.

The activation of a Criteo Sponsored Products campaign simultaneously on the same population allowed a + 93% increase in the conversion rate of shoppers exposed in the vacuum cleaner category, corresponding to + 16% of incremental turnover attributable to the Google campaign.

The ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of this campaign was 1459%.

“This type of initiative, which reconciles digital media and eRetail activation, demonstrates the effectiveness of “full funnel” communication throughout the consumer journey. This opens up a more fluid and above all complete reading of the performance of media investments. “, Jérôme Bénière, Media & Digital Manager, Seb Group.

“This case demonstrates the importance of understanding the shopper’s journey from the Media impact, through the visit of a branded site to the conversion on Retailers sites. Criteo Sales Attribution now allows agencies and brands to follow the shopper journey in order to measure the complementarity and impact of media levers on sales, while benefiting from our new Retail Media platform which will increase conversion rates until the end of this course. “, Gwénola Coicaud, Managing Director Criteo Retail Media Southern Europe.

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