Here’s how to use the Google Stadia controller

Google lifts the veil on Stadia’s controller. The manufacturer has unveiled in detail the various buttons, controls and ports available on the new pad.

The launch of Google Stadia is still expected for November 19, 2019 in France, with a dozen games available. In anticipation, Google has seen fit to communicate several essential information and diagrams on the Stadia controller, the controller developed specifically for the cloud gaming service.

The Stadia controller is a kind of hybrid between the PS4’s Dualshock 4 and the Xbox One’s pad. We find names of familiar keys:

  • L1 and L2 for left triggers
  • R1 and R2 for straight triggers
  • A directional cross
  • The two analog sticks L3 and R3
  • A, B, X and Y for the main buttons (like on the Xbox One)
  • And five new buttons: Capture, Menu, Options, Google Assistant and Stadia

Where the controllers of the Xbox One and Ps4 are confined to two or three central buttons (Share, Start and a key to return to the menu), Stadia offers five. The Stadia button will serve as a charge and connection indicator. Gray light, the controller is well connected and ready for use. Flashing orange light, the pad needs to be reconnected with the Wi-Fi network while a steady orange light will indicate that the battery is charged.

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This Stadia Button will be used primarily to access the various menus and to turn off / on the Stadia platform. With a quick press, you can for example see your player profile, check your internet status, adjust the audio levels or view your different notifications. A pressure of 4 seconds will allow you, among other things, to turn off the joystick and leave the game in progress. The other four central buttons provide the rest of the important commands:

  • Menu: Access the game menu, pause, and other uses in some games
  • Options: Access game options, pause, and other uses in some games
  • Wizard: Lets talk to Google Assistant directly, one of the main features of the controller.
  • Capture: A quick snap for a screenshot, a long press for a video clip

An audio jack to start, Bluetooth after

The controller features a 3.5mm audio jack for connecting headphones or headphones. Google specifies that the audio output can only be done on the headphones or earphones. Impossible for example to have the sound of the game in the headphones, and the sound of the cat from the TV. According to the manufacturer, support for Bluetooth headsets and headphones will arrive later.

The second port is dedicated to the USB Type-C connection, used to charge and connect the controller to a compatible PC or smartphone. Google has never given an estimate on the autonomy of the pad. In addition, if you want to play on PC or smartphone at the launch of Stadia, it will imperatively play with the controller connected. The wireless functionality of the controller would not be completely complete according to Google.

below stadia controller
stadia controller with button description

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