Google’s Victory in Mobile: Bill Gates Speaks

Microsoft admitted, the company lost to Android and Google. Indeed, many early fans of the company founded by Bill Gates have had the crazy hope to see the Windows Phone regain ground on Android and double Google in the race for smartphones. However, for Bill Gatesthere is no doubt that this was a mistake.

More incredible still, according to Bill Gates this mistake would be even the biggest of his career. However, according to him, this failure is explained quite easily, an antitrust battle that led Microsoft and Google to court in 2001 being responsible for this heavy defeat. In 2000, Windows already launched into the telephony sector by unveiling its Windows Mobile. However, his firm will be cut off in its tracks by a conviction for ” abuse of dominant position “.

Microsoft, far too late

Result, according to Bill Gates, Microsoft has been slow to realize the importance of the mobile sector leaving room for Apple and Google. “ There is no doubt that antitrust litigation was a bad thing for Microsoft. Says Bill Gates, adding that the whole world would use Windows Phone if this case had not been tried. Distracted, Gates loses ground and misses lucrative contracts, especially with Motorola. ” We were three months late on the way out “So he continues, without revealing on which phone, Windows could have developed its technology.

A delay that increased when Google finally bought Android in 2005 and Apple has surprised the world by showing, under the aegis of Steve Jobs, the first smartphones. Today, Microsoft has decided to completely stop its mobile race and has even recently joined Google.

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