Google Alerts Guide : 5 Things to Know About the Ultimate Monitoring Tool (FAQ)

Google Alerts Guide & FAQ : As news is by nature constantly changing, it is not easy to be kept informed of the latest developments in a particular subject. So Google looked at the problem…..

By using Google Alert, you can receive emails when new results appear in Google’s search for a given topic. You can, for example, receive information about news, certain products or mentions of your name. In this guide, we provide you with answers to all your questions about the Google Alert product in order to make your digital monitoring more efficient.

Google Alerts Guide : 5 Things to Know About the Ultimate Monitoring Tool (FAQ)

What is Google Alerts ?

What is Google Alerts : Google alerts logo
Google alerts logo

This allows you to create personalized alerts. In other words, as soon as new results – corresponding to the keywords you have entered – are available, you will automatically receive them by email. Currently, the service offers four types of alerts:

  • News : this alert is triggered when new articles, in the top ten of Google News, match your search criteria.
  • Web : you receive an email when new pages, satisfying your request, appear in the first twenty results of web searches.
  • News and Web : this alert is a combination of the two previous ones.

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Are Google alerts free?

Google Alerts is a free service that allows you to monitor the topics that interest you, simply by receiving emails or alerts that web pages that match the keywords used in your previous searches appear in Google’s organic results.

How to Set up Google Alerts ?

  1. Access Google Alerts.
  2. In the box at the top of the page, enter the subject you want to follow.
  3. To change your settings, click Show Options. You can change the following settings:
    • Frequency of notifications
    • Types of sites displayed
    • Your language
    • Part of the world from which you wish to receive information
    • Number of results displayed
    • Accounts that receive alerts
  4. Click on Create Alert. You will receive e-mails every time we find matching search results.

How do I change my Google alerts?

  1. Access Google Alerts.
  2. Next to an alert, click on Edit Icon.
  3. If no options are visible, click Show Options.
  4. Make changes.
  5. Click on Update Alert.
  6. To change the way you receive alerts, click Settings, then check the options you are interested in, then click Save.

How do I delete a Google alert?

  1. Access Google Alerts.
  2. Next to the alert you want to delete, click on Delete.
  3. Optional: you can also delete an alert by clicking on Unsubscribe at the bottom of the alert email or in the footer of the alert email received on your address.

Can you create Google Alerts without Gmail?

From memory, you could sign up for Google alerts to stay informed about a topic without having to enter a Gmail address. Then, Google started pushing to disallow other email addresses, in favor of Gmail. Then, you could choose other email addresses, but only if you had registered them with Google.

Currently; it is not possible to create a google alert without selecting your associated google account and a specific Gmail address.

What triggers a Google alert?

Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service. The service sends emails to the user when it finds new resultssuch as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research—that match the user’s search term(s).

What is RSS feed in Google alerts?

Google has quietly added back a Feed delivery option to its Google Alerts service. The return of the feature means you can once again receive alerts for Web search results via RSS, rather than just email.

Google first added RSS support for Google Alerts in October 2008. The feature disappeared in July 2013, however, nowadays, and in every alert email you receive, you will find at the bottom of the email the link to the RSS feed to read your alerts in RSS/XML format.

Use Case : How do I setup a Google Alert for Craigslist?

To create an alert about craigliste news, for example if you want to receive an alert when a news related to Craiglist new york is available, the process is simple, follow these steps :

  1. Open the Google Alerts website.
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. Enter in your search term into the “Create an alert about” box.
  4. Add the Craigslist site modifier to the end of the query.
  5. Click the “Show options” link.
  6. Set your alert frequency.
  7. Set your delivery method.

What is similar to Google Alerts?

Talkwalker Alerts is the closest (but much better) Google Alert alternative that exists on the market – and as a bonus, at any time you can turn Talkwalker Alerts into Talkwalker, a powerful social media monitoring and analytics tool much like Brandwatch.

There are lots of advanced tools that help you not only monitor social media but also spy on your competitors, get influencers and sales prospects. To make your life easier, we’ve tested the best Google Alerts alternatives and have come up with the list of tools to get you started.

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