Apple TV is now available on Google TV

The lucky owners of the latest Google Chromecast under Google TV will be delighted. A few months after officially announcing it, Google has just made the Apple TV application available for download on Chromecast, a TV dongle allowing you to transform any television into a smart TV.

The Apple application allows, among other things, to access the service by subscription Apple TV + (billed 4.99 euros monthly, and free for one year for the purchase of an Apple device), but also to watch the channels Apple TV, or to rent or buy movies and series episodes.

The availability of the Apple application on the Chromecast will allow users of the Google dongle to be offered new suggestions for content to watch. The user will be able, as for the other applications installed on the Chromecast, to control the Apple TV app by voice via Google Assistant.

The arrival of Apple TV on Google Chromecast complements a presence already well established on many devices: PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire Stick as well as on certain connected TVs.

Source: Google

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