4 new weird things spotted on Google Maps

Google Maps is used by millions of people around the world, but not always for its navigation functions. By giving us the opportunity to travel the world from the comfort of our sofa, the giant of the firm has also pushed hundreds of thousands of people to spy on their peers.

And this is not surprising since we all have a voyeuristic side in us.

Still, a real community has been able to create around Google Maps, with sometimes very surprising discoveries. Here are just a few.

The macabre picture of the Wilkin Flower Shop

The Wilkin Flower Shop, a florist like no other

Google Search Capture

Based in Wellsburg, the Wilkin Flower Shop is a florist as there are many around the world.

Still, this establishment has something that others do not have: a demonic creature hidden in its cellar.

Indeed, if you start a search for the establishment by entering his name, then you will see appear in the Knowledge Graph a macabre photo showing a man with bloody face standing in what looks like a dismal cellar.

What does this photo do here? It is difficult to answer this question, but we must remember that Google Maps is a participatory platform. Each user has the opportunity to give his opinion on institutions indexed by the solution, but also to publish one or more photos. It is therefore possible that this image was put online by a user of the service.

The car that goes round

This car had fun tracing circles visible from Google Maps

Google Maps Capture

If you hover over the NF-4832 in Washington State by activating the satellite view, then you may end up stumbling on that odd white car circling the sand on the low side.

It is of course unclear what prompted the driver to embark on such an initiative, but it would seem that it was not fortuitous and that these circles were not the result of an accident or a loss of control of the vehicle.

A naughty stop

An unusual scene captured by Google Maps

Google Street View Capture

While walking along a secondary road in the United States, a Google Car inadvertently immortalized a rather special scene.

The scene is set at a crossroads and features two lightly dressed women and two men coming out of a truck. Men who do not seem to have stopped to enjoy the scenery, but rather for the charms of these two young ladies. Fortunately for them, the plate of their truck was blurred by the algorithms of Google.

The giant fly lost in the forest

But what does this giant fly do on Google Maps?

Google Street View Capture

This time, it is not a scene immortalized by one of the many cars of Google, but rather a panorama shared by a Local Guide.

From a certain level, the Local Guides have the opportunity to go a little further than the simple image and share panoramas of their own. Panoramas that are then taken up by the solution and viewable by other users of the service.

Well, a certain Anthony Darst shared a strange panorama featuring a man in a giant fly costume. The kind of fly that you would not want to meet in real life and that will not fail to remind good memories of fans of horror movies of the 90s.

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