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Everyone uses Google, and why not? It’s fast, reliable, easy to find, and incredibly user-friendly. Over time, Google has grown in popularity, and now being the first place to do many things, not just limited by search, it can be used to access websites like YouTube, watch videos, and Instagram. , to use social media.

However, Google can also do a lot more, all you need to know is how to do it, that’s why today this list will tell you 10 things you didn’t know you could do on google. These range from a variety of references to pop culture to simply time-consuming activities. It’s really fun to use and brings great bibs to the environment and some nostalgia, which by going down the list you will find.

10 Google Pac-man

Go to google.com, search for “Google Pac-Man” and press “I’m lucky”. This will open up a Pac-Man game for you and your friends to enjoy, being selectable, between one and two players.

A fun time killer, great in a library or at parties, if you and your friend are bored. For previous Pac-Man users, the nostalgia it brings is unreal, and now you no longer need shifts to play Pac-Man, all you need is Google and a stable WiFi connection, like d usual.

9 Google Guitar

Again, go to Google.com, search for “Google Guitar” and press “I’m Feeling Lucky”, this will open up a digital guitar for you to strum and use as you wish, so you can test your knowledge, practice old rhythms and create new ones, perfect for guitarists and musicians everywhere. Test your guitarist skills and another Easter Egg is that whatever letter you put in the search bar, the guitar will play a note of that letter, for example, you put the letter “c” in the search bar, the guitar will immediately play the note “c” on the guitar

It can be used anywhere and is part of Google’s long list of Easter eggs.

8 Google Pirate

And, again, by entering the words “Google Pirate” into the Google search bar and pressing “I’m Feeling Lucky”, a similar new version of Google opens. Now there are funny words similar to the language of the pirate, the one who is famous for lengthening the arrrrrrrrs and the blindfolds.

The “I’m Feeling Lucky” will be changed to “I Be Feelin‘ Lucky ”,“ Images ”to“ Engravings ”,“ Google Search ”to“ Google Searrrrch ”. A fun little Easter egg.

7 Thanos

A special Easter egg for all these Marvel Stans, it requires Google to search for the word “Thanos”, which is a fictional purplish character inside the Marvel Universe. In the right corner, where there is a Wikipedia profile for Thanos, there is a small gauntlet for Thanos, which, once pressed, removes half of all search results using the famous Thanos Snap. This technique is recognized for its ability to eliminate half of all life in the film, Avenger’s Infinity War.

If you still want to recover the search results, don’t worry, press the glove again to activate the time stone, which will make time go back and bring back the search results, which can again be broken and brought back at the request of the user. will.

6 Google Gravity

By pressing the “I feel lucky” button after searching for “Google Gravity”, a Google window will open, which will collapse at the slightest movement of the mouse and will be pulled towards the ground, as if it were gravity effects. Now just left click on an icon and move it, it will follow your mouse and can even wreak havoc on other icons, if you bring it, close it and quickly enough for them.

Now you can play with the icons, move them down, left or right and play easily for about 2 minutes, after which it gets boring.

5 elgooG

It’s actually “Google” spelled backwards and accessible by hitting the “I’m feeling lucky” button after adding the keywords “Elgoog” to the search bar.

This will run Google backwards and reflect all the results, essentially like using Google in front of a mirror. It is very difficult to use and even more difficult to understand, but it is very fun and original to see and frustrating to use.

4 Google Sphere

It also requires typing in the Google search bar and then pressing “I’m lucky”. which will then open up a spherical version of Google Images, which is surprisingly very satisfying to see, and not so difficult to use, reminding you of the earth and its revolution, this Easter egg offers a fun way to see google images, the one that has never seen before.

3 Atari Breakout

Hardcore players, come together, this Easter egg lets you play the Google version of Breakout, a game with blocks, a very bouncy ball and a mobile platform.

Simply enter “Atari Breakout” in the Google search bar and press “I’m Feeling Lucky” which will put you on your way to spend the next 3 hours trying to break blocks with a very bouncy ball. Good luck, you will need it, because this game can really reach you.

2 baby Google

You want to see Google at birth, your wish has been granted. Search for Google in 1998 and press “I’m feeling lucky” and see the old original version of Google, so similar, but so different that it is hardly imaginable that it was Google, once upon a time. A funny little Easter egg you probably didn’t know how to make.

1 Google Barrel Roll

Write “Roll over” and press “I’m feeling lucky” to attend the Google Walk. Well, a barrel. You can tumble on everything, as long as you want, and Google will trample everything. You can enter any number of times, and Google will roll a barrel, from 1 to a million.

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